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Palmarosa Essential Oil: "Washing Day"

Cymbopogon Martinii: Strongly cleansing, refreshing, washing clean, expelling dirt, rejuvenating, ready for action.


  • Palmarosa is really excellent for purification of the energy system, washing away traces of shame, guilt, feeling dirty, feeling used, abused, old and stale, and leaves one in a state much like a freshly laundered and ironed bed sheet - bright, clean smelling and ready for more action.

It is a beautiful day in early summer with a light fresh wind across the meadows and the grasses. A young woman carries a basket of laundry into the garden and begins to put white things on the washing line where it flutters merrily, soaking up the sunshine and the fresh air.

As she hangs up a very large, fresh smelling, beautifully clean and bright white bed sheet, she laughs and says to herself, "You'd never know! If only it could talk ..."

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