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Tarragon Essential Oil: "Expansion"

Artemisia Dracunculus: Strongly inviting, drawing in life energy, will to live, re-building, expansion.


  • Tarragon is excellent for repairing holes and filling voids in the energy system; not just for healing purposes but with a view to future expansion and growth. Very positive, very life affirming and an excellent boost for people who don't just want to be healthy, but go on to make their mark on the world.

There once were two sisters who had been left an identical amount of money by their parents. Both loved food so both started a restaurant each, in the same town. But there was one big difference between them – one sister just wanted to make ends meet, and the other had another vision of the meaning of success.

For the first few years, the two restaurants were very similar; but as time went by, one stayed much the same, just became older, dustier and staler; the other grew and expanded, it was full of life, young cooks from all the kingdom were coming to learn and bringing their fresh ideas in turn; and the second restaurant was so good in fact, new branches were built, and it expanded eventually into every town and city in the kingdom.

Try Tarragon if you need help with...

Bad Attitude

Bad Attitude



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