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Champaka: "Loving Life"

Michelia Champaka: Embracing, enfolding, instantly transporting, rich, sensuous, dreams fulfilled, pure luxury, delight across the levels and layers.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Champaka, "Loving Life", Michelia Champaka

  • Champaka is wonderful for people in need of comfort, luxury, a blissful state of being free from fear and burdens of responsibility, being free to enjoy life, to come to life on every level and in every way. The perfect antidote to poverty consciousness - in money terms, in terms of pleasures and their availability, and including all spiritual, mental and physical pleasures on offer.

Aromatherapy Story Start

The sky is brilliant blue, the sun shines purest, brightest gold; the land is richest emerald green, and on this perfect day, there is a young man and a young woman, absolutely in love, and they stand before a palace build in the most beautiful proportions, marble white and precious, new and ready to receive them both - all has been made ready for this couple on their wedding day.

There are fruits and flowers, finest wines and baths filled with the most exquisite sparkling waters, sheets of silk and perfect delicacies awaiting them - but they have eyes for one another only.

Deep in love, they smile at each other; he picks her up in his strong arms, and carries her inside.


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