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Fir: "Fountain Of Youth"

Abies Balsamea: Insistent, very rejuvenating, active, alive, grounding, cleansing, very healing and re-energizing.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Fir, "Fountain Of Youth", Abies Balsamea

  • Fir is an excellent choice for someone who is starting on the road to recovery after a serious illness, be it an illness of the mind, body, or spirit. There is the power of great age about Fir, but it is also, always young - and that's the truth of life.

Aromatherapy Story Start

A middle aged woman has been ill for a long time. She is worn out by all the pain and worry, the sleepless nights, and the fears about her life becoming only worse and worse, as every day passes. Her husband is very worried about her and the medics can't seem to help her much, her spirit feels very low and instinctively, her husband knows that unless her spirit can recover, her body hasn't got a chance.

So he visits with a wise woman out of sheer desperation, and she tells him about a fountain of youth in the forests deep and old. It is a long and arduous journey, but the husband loves his wife most dearly and he undertakes it for her sake and his.

He finds the fountain, sparkling green water emerging from deep within the earth. He fills a bottle, carries it home.

He sits with his wife and tells her of his journey as she tiredly sips the water he brought for her, and that night, the tide has turned, and in the morning, when she wakes, she has a smile to give.


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