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Patchouly: "The Dreamer"

Pogostemon Patchouli: Rich, expansive, expensive, desireful, dreamy.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Patchouly, "The Dreamer", Pogostemon Patchouli

  • Patchouli reminds even the most downtrodden amongst us of exotic worlds, of otherness, of desires old and yet to come, and encourages us to dream towards new horizons. A "must have" ingredient in any prosperity potion.

Aromatherapy Story Start

A traveller once came to a great city, the greatest city on Earth. It was full to the brim of wonders and amazing delights for all the senses, more than you could ever experience fully in a single lifetime, and the traveller was amazed.

"How did such a wonder come to be here?" he cried.

A passer by heard him and took the time to stop, to tell him of the shepherd who, in ages past, had fallen asleep and dreamed of a great city right here, it was a meadow then, and who had told his people of his dream, and who had so inspired them that they began to build it on that very day.


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