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Tansy: "Wild & Free"

Tanacetum Vulgare: Uncompromisingly healing, awakening, awakening inner strengths and resources, healing the broken heart, reconnecting with natures strength and power. Blows away thoughts of failure and disease and replaces them with the freedom of the glorious wilderness that lives within us all.


Tansy or Wild Tansy Aromatherapy Essential Oil Tanacetum Vulgare

  • For people who need not just physical healing, but also deep emotional healing at the same time. Often, we cannot heal physically if our hearts are heavy, weary, or broken.

Aromatherapy Story Start

The Wild Tansy Story

Once, there was a young princess who had lost her child in childbirth.

She was very, very sick not just physically sick, but heart sick as well. Her younger brother hears of this and travels to visit her; when he walks into the sick room, everything is dark, airless, lifeless and stale, and physicians hover around the bed like so many vultures with their pale thin faces and long sharp noses, muttering long words of doom and gloom.

The brother drives them out and hires a gypsy girl which has the scent of the hills and the wild flowers in her hair, laughter in her voice and freedom in her step; she takes over the care of the princess, lets the sunlight back into the room, and with her loving care and the help of nature, herbs and flowers, the princess is saved and starts on the road to recovery at last.



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