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Zinziba: “Banishing”

Lippia Javanica: Enlivening, very bright, strongly banishing, survivor, resilience, shifting vibration to shake off pests and attachments.


Aromatherapy Essential Oil Zinziba, “Banishing”, Lippia Javanica

  • Zinziba is a real boost for the auto-immune functions of the energy system. It repels astral bugs and cleans the aura. As such it is useful for people who feel they have acquired some forms of residues that are parasitic and unhelpful. Strengthening and healing by stimulating the natural defences of the energy system. A good maintenance oil for healers and counsellors.

Aromatherapy Story Start

There once was a wise woman whose counsel and advice was much sought after. People from all the city and far away from the kingdoms would come and tell her of their woes, and receive potions and healings in return. She was very knowledgeable and experienced, so everyone was surprised when she fell ill and seemed quite incapable of healing herself.

In desperation, she asked for a young child to be brought to her who was said to be able to see spirits. The child came to her bedside and told her that the room was full of things, although it seemed quite empty; the wise woman realised that she had held on to so much, thinking all that she had heard and seen was like herbs you would collect in a jar, or specimens for later use; she also saw that the child was bright and clear, and holding on to nothing.

When the night came, she called her guardians in spirit and asked them to take everything away that she had stored, and when the dawn broke, she awoke refreshed, renewed.


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