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Modern Energy Aroma Energy Workshop


Working With The Concentrated Energy Of Aromatherapy Essential Oils To Heal & Revitalise The Energy Body

by Silvia Hartmann

Presentation Notes From The International Modern Energy Conference, Europa Gatwick, April 2008

Aroma Energy Introduction | Aroma Energy Exercise | Cognitive Changes | Heart Healing & Heart Feeding With Essential Oils | Using The Healing Relationship With The Essential Oil


Aroma Energy: Meet "The Givers Of Life Energy"

Silvia Hartmann, Author of Aromatherapy For Your Soul

In Sanskrit, the realm of healing plants is called "the givers of life energy".

Energy nutrition is one of the core concepts of Modern Energy, and the easiest way to really learn about energy nutrition and gain immeasurably and instantly from it is by using aromatherapy essential oils.

Plant energy is completely pure, completely without prejudice, and it ties into our very oldest systems of health and survival, energetically speaking.

Any Modern Energy practitioner can drop shields and "suck in" energy from plants in the environment at any time; but the beauty of essential oils is a way to really kick start energy nutrition and make it real and available even to absolute beginners.

  • The reason for this is that essential oils are extremely concentrated.

For some of these little bottles, a million flower petals were used to make just a few drops of oil. That's concentrated. That's the memory of all those plants, all those flowers, growing under the sun, moon and stars, the soil their roots penetrated deeply, and the rain that fell upon their leaves and helped them grow strong.

  • These essential oils are RADIANT with energy.

If you hold an orange into someone's energy field, it will create ripples like a stone you throw into a pond.

Now imagine that instead of one orange, you hold a thousand oranges into their energy field.

Is that going to make a noticeable difference?

Is that the kind of impact that even a raw beginner will be able to really feel - and notice the effects this has on their thoughts, their emotions, their sensations as they begin to change in response to the energy that is being encountered here?

Yes, it is.

Working with aroma energy and the essences of plants is a lifetime's fascination.

We have but one hour here for me to show you some of the many ways you can find incredible delight, joy, relief, peace and cessation of pain as well - courtesy of our little life givers.


A First Modern Energy Aroma Energy Exercise

Some people can have allergic reactions to aromatherapy essential oils. That doesn't mean they aren't perfectly harmless and healthful; it just means that some people are allergic to some things.

For this reason, please make sure that everyone involved takes good care of their own health; you know if your are susceptible to scents, perfumes, and other strong substances. If you are, use the energy and keep the bottle (or the package) firmly closed.

  • [Editor's Note: For practical purposes at this conference where there were many people present whose medical history was unknown, a package was prepared which contained a tissue imbued with a special essential oil blend "The StarFields Blend", which was sealed inside a plastic ziplock back, which was in itself doubled up and sealed again with a plastic strip to make sure no conference delegate would experience an unwanted allergic reaction. Participants were instructed to take personal responsibility for opening the packages, or if in doubt, to  leave the package sealed and work with the energy of the package only.]
  • If you try these exercises online, you can use a closed bottle of aromatherapy grade essential oil instead of the package, or a cloth imbued with essential oils of your choice.

1. The Discovery Exercise

  • Hold the closed package between the palms of both your hands and close your eyes.
  • Take a deep breath and let the energy that comes from the package radiate into your hands, arms and then into your body, letting it flow all the way in, through and out.
  • What we are paying particular attention to is any trouble spots in the energy system. Does it slow somewhere, get stuck somewhere, cause discomfort somewhere in your body?
  • Show me with your hands where the trouble erea is located.


2. The First Aroma Energy Healing Exercise:

  • Hold the package to the trouble spot and use that energy to help massage away the problem or disturbance, blockage or reversal, whatever is going on in that erea.
  • Pay close attention how that feels, and what movements and flows begin to occur as you do this.
  • Let the extra energy from the essential in the package really help repair and rejuvenate the erea in question.


3. The Test:

  • Hold the package again between the palms of your hands and let the energy flow into you, all the way through and out.
  • How is this different now?
  • If the energy slides smoothly all the way in, through and out and you begin to feel good and tingling, you can go on to No. 4.
  • If you find further blockages or disturbances, go back to No. 2 and repeat the test until you're ready to go on to No. 4.



4. The Energized End State - SUCCESS!

  • The energy form in the package is unique; and so is the energized end state it produces. Every essential will produce a different energized end state but they all feel WONDERFUL!
  • So when you are ready, hold the package between the palms of your hands, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and let this energy flow in, through and out, pulsing steadily, let it flow faster and faster until it literally RUSHES through your system.
  • Speed it up more and more, until you find the right frequency where it flows brilliantly clear and exactly as it should - no barriers remaining, the perfect EVEN FLOW.

5. Thank You!

  • When you are ready, release the package, and say Thank You to the essential and to yourself for the wonderfully energizing experience you've just had.


Cognitive Changes: What Have We Learned?

I think that to invite the conscious mind to the party and say, "Ok, what have you learned? What are your thoughts?" immediately after such an experience is incredibly valuable, and there must always be time for that.

In Modern Energy, we don't have a hierarchy for the human totality - every aspect is as beloved as every other, and very much including the conscious mind that works so hard for us every day.

So take a few moments to talk about or reflect on what has changed, and what you have learned from this, and how this might affect future actions, or where you could use this again.


Heart Healing & Heart Feeding With Essential Oils

We like to keep things at arm's length but now we're going to get personal.

1. Take the package and hold it to your heart.

2. Note if there are any shields or barriers in the way; if so, open up a very small channel to experience the energy form of the essential you've got there to travel into your heart.

3. Where do you feel this in your body? Are there any problems? Use the energy from the essentials in conjunction with your attention and your will to heal to soften and flow.

4. Hold the essential to your heart again and let it enter you from there fully and completely, let it fill you all the way and then exit where this is right for you.

  • Here is a step that is particularly valuable for Heart Healing and Heart Feeding:

5. Become aware of energy coming from your heart at the same time and blessing the essential in return - how is that changing the experience and the vibration of the essential itself?

6. Hold the package between your palms, as you did before. How has the energy changed because of your blessing?


In its raw state, each essential is an amazing energy form and generator that can stand easily in the place of a second healer, come to your aid and adding their energy to your healing processes.

When you interact with the essentials, they change and align themselves more specifically to your energy requirements and in return to your energy input.

This creates an energetic relationship with the essential which makes a familiarity and sets up an upward spiral of lifting each time you interact with it afresh.

As you learn more and more about the essential, you also learn more and more about yourself.

Through the processes we have just experienced, this essential has become a personal healer or friend to you.

You can now use this new healing relationship in many different ways.


Using The Healing Relationship With The Essential Oil

"I'm scrubbing and scrubbing but it's not coming off ..."

For example:

1. Locate a place in your energy system that feels dirty or damaged, confused, as though there are things that got stuck there that don't belong to you and you would be better off if this was gone for good.

2. Use the cloth to scrub this away. Pay close attention to what's happening to the erea you're working on, how that feels, how it impacts your overall energy flow.

3. When you feel this is clear, make some final polishing strokes over the general erea and the surrounding ereas to smooth the ruffled feathers of your aura.


Feeding A Hunger

Give a choice of three or more packages or essential oils in their bottles to a person.

Each person knows what they feel like when there seems to be all of a sudden a collapse in their energy and they experience a "hunger" - a need for a cigarette, or a biscuit, or a drink, or phoning a friend, or finding the cat to stroke, or "some thing" because energy has gone low for whatever reason.

Let the person choose the one essential that would be the most helpful when "the hunger" strikes.

1. Where do you feel this hunger in your body? Show me with your hands.

2. Where should the energy come in to fill the hunger best? Show me.

3. Put the essential right there where that is and let the energy in. Do Modern Energy if you must so any shields or damages are seen to.

4. Absorb the energy and let it go in, through and out.

5. Take a moment to discuss how you feel now and what has happened to "the hunger".


In Conclusion

There are a myriad different ways in which to use essentials to boost energy, make us happier, give us a lift, reduce anxiety and generally speaking brighten our days.

For any modern energist, the possibilities of using essential oils for self help first of all, but also to prescribe to clients who struggle with depression, low energy, anxiety, addiction, and especially stress, are veritably endless.

If you use a simple sealed container, even very allergic people can still benefit from the energy that radiates out of the essentials at all times.

If the person isn't allergic, then the whole thing lifts into another level of delight altogether as all our senses - energetic and hard - on all levels come together and are delighted by the gift of nature that are essential oils normally used in aromatherapy.

Silvia Hartmann is the author of
“Aromatherapy For Your Soul”
“Creative Aromatherapy”
& “The Magic Garden”

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