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Aromatherapy For Your Soul At EMO 2008

Aromatherapy For Your Soul At EMO 2008

Just one week left to go – and I’m really looking forward to giving my Aroma Energy workshop presentation at the ET08 conference!

It’ll be delightful, to say the least, to share my wonderful experiences with working with the energies of these radiant nature gifts in small bottles with the conference crowd.

EMO is a brilliant modality that has at its heart joy, energy, and energized end states – unlike so many other forms of healing, ET doesn’t just stop when the pain stops. “Peace” isn’t the aim or target. ET is about celebrating life, about living life to the fullest, about having fun and enjoying ourselves.

The spirit of the essentials is a perfect match to that, and what’s more, EMO already has a custom made place for this – the concept of energy nutrition.

EMO says that we need to suck in vast quantities of all kinds of energies to keep our energy bodies healthy – that’s what makes you feel happy, young and alive. Now when we’re on holiday in a beautiful place and the sun’s shining, we drop shields and we suck these nature energies into our depleted selves – but then we go back to work, live in cities, stay indoors and that’s when we experience a SERIOUS shortfall of nature energies.

My wonderful discovery was early last year that you can literally bring the sunshine into your home and life at any time – courtesy of the wonderful essential oils as used in aromatherapy.

They are so concentrated, so immensely radiant, that even a total beginner won’t have any trouble feeling these energies, and with a bit of practice, learns to suck this energy into themselves and use it to delight and brighten any time, any day, no matter what the weather.

As all the essentials are different and have different energy contributions to make, there is also the fun to discover which ones affect your own energy system the strongest – the ones we hunger for most, and those will do you the most good.

Simple, profound, immensely enjoyable and working with essentials and their energies in this way opens up the door to a whole world of self healing, of restoration, of feeding hungers we’ve displaced onto all sorts of other things, people and activities, and simply making us HAPPY.

What more could you ask for in a remedy?

I LOVE IT – and I can’t wait to see the good folk at ET08 start to tingle all over, big grins coming into their faces and then that switch into delight and joy when the energy REALLY starts to flow – it’s wonderful.

I’ll post a full report after the fact!



Update: The Aromatherapy EMO complete workshop notes are now available here

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