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Cheap Aromatherapy? No, JUST Aromatherapy!

Cheap Aromatherapy? No, JUST Aromatherapy!

The other day, I got a link request from and went to check them out.

The site looked nice and inviting and I was short of some essentials so I decided to take the leap of faith and do another aromatherapy product/site review.

I ordered Black Pepper, White Birch, Sage and Clary Sage, some Lavender and other basic bits and bobs and some Rose Hydrolat.

The online shopping cart behaved itself very well (which is not something you can actually say for all online aromatherapy websites!) and PayPal was an option, which always makes me happy as I don’t have to scramble around for a credit card and type in all those numbers.

Within a matter of a couple of days, the delivery arrived; nice and quick, and I found in the parcel that I got a free very nice little wooden box that takes 12 aromatherapy essential oil 10ml or below bottles. Cute!

There is an offer on at the moment if you buy 8 bottles, you get the box, aha!

And let’s get my special hobby horse out of the way –




Cheap Aromatherapy? Just Aromatherapy!

Cheap Aromatherapy? Just Aromatherapy!

Alright, now to the explanation as to the title of the post.

I know that a lot of folk who are new to aromatherapy look for “cheap aromatherapy”.

That’s one of those things, like a flying pig or a nice serial killer – it doesn’t go together.

  • For all things that are done well and produce with care, there is a price to pay, and if it’s too good to be true, it’s too good to be true. Aromatherapy essential oils are no exception.

There are loads of really bad websites online with really bad essential oils, I’ve encountered a few.

But there are also products which are straight down the line, without frills, and priced keenly – and that’s Just Aromatherapy for you.

The oils are fine – they are fresh, resonant, very nice, very suitable for all the purposes you would use aromatherapy essential oils for.

And they are very keenly priced indeed, with lots of special offers.

Now I know we all want aromatherapy oils that were made preferably from alien mysterious flowers that live on the top of the Himalayahs, lovingly squeezed between a virgin’s breasts and sung into a crystalline vial …

… and if you’ve got the cash to spend, then these kinds of essential oils are out there.

But we have the credit crunch. For many amongst us, money is not flowing as freely at the moment as it should; and I would certainly say that if that’s the case for you, don’t weep.

There are good, solid providers of good quality essential oils out there, not “cheap aromatherapy oils” in that sense but priced keenly, and they certainly offer a viable alternative.

I liked the oils from Just Aromatherapy very much; perfectly happy to recommend them. Not the place for super exotic oils, or the extremely expensive type, but an excellent online aromatherapy supplier for the staples we use every day, most of which are around the £2.50 for 10ml mark (~ $5).


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