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Citronella Essential Oil: "The Lucky Charm"

Cymbopogon Nardus Cleansing, bright, fresh, nourishing, attracts helpful spirits, banishes negative entities, raises vibrations.


  • Citronella attracts all kinds of helpful spirits and raises the vibrations of a person to be more repellent to psychic attacks and all manner of gremlins, and including unpleasant people. As such, it has the very real side effect of making a person luckier although a lot of that has to do with having more access to basic common sense - and the rest is pure magic.

A young man has fallen into bad company. He has become involved with a crowd of people who do no work, lie around all day, have a very negative attitude to all forms of achievement and like nothing better than to pull others into their misery and bring them down to their level.

His sister is very worried and seeks the advice of a wise magician, who gives her a lucky charm that her brother should wear, fashioned out of an unusual yellowish green metal that has a feeling of spring and great lightness about it. She visits her brother and gives this charm to him as a gift of her love.

He is most touched by her kindness and wears the charm proudly, and when the bad crowd makes fun of his lucky charm, his eyes are opened and he sees them for what they are - he leaves, never to return there.

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Being Unlucky

Being Unlucky

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