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Gardenia Essential Oil: "The White Angel"

Gardenia Grandiflora: Ravishing, highly compelling, uplifting, raising high, elegant, higher self, angels, growing into the true soul self


  • For people who need to literally be propelled up into higher levels of vibration; the antidote to being ordinary and suffering from low self esteem and self belief. Makes you more attractive to other people and the angels and brings you closer to you soul.

A young woman on her wedding day sits in all her finery in the garden behind the church where she is to be wed, and cries bitterly.

She loves her husband to be most dearly; indeed, she loves him so much that she feels she isn't good enough for him, that he would be much better off with another, one who is much smarter, richer and more beautiful than she could ever be. She is about to get up and run away when her young lover enters the garden. It is against the custom but he felt in his heart that something wasn't right.

He runs to her, kneels before her and takes her hands in his. She cannot speak for the pain in her heart, and he doesn't say a word - he just sends her his love and absolute devotion best he can.

As she looks into his eyes, she sees herself reflected for the first time - not as she saw herself in mirrors, but on this day, she looks and sees the angel.

Try Gardenia if you need help with...

Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders

Heart Sick

Heart Sick

Low Self Esteem

Low Self Esteem

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