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Ravensara Essential Oil: "Refreshing The Spirit"

Ravensara Aromatica: Cleansing, refreshing, banishing, unlocking, unblocking.


  • Ravensara is one of the very cleansing and refreshing essences - but this one has a backbone of caring in its very structure, of gentle support and help for those who feel weak or ill. This is a good spiritual disinfectant for people who are vulnerable, also useful for children. Encourages free flowing energies and might reveal secrets and revelations.

A young mother is ill in hospital, and her husband says repeatedly that he doesn't like to visit her there, not because he doesn't love her, but because he finds this hospital so depressing, with so many sick people and the dead and dying all around.

His son and daughter, little children both, confer about this. They go out and gather a bouquet from the hedgerows - little flowers, branches from shrubs, grasses and all manner of weeds, for are too young to know the difference. They bring it to their father and say they want him to take them to the hospital, so they can give this to their mum, so she can smell it and be reminded of the open air, the countryside.

Try Ravensara if you need help with...



Being Vunerable

Being Vunerable



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