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Vetyver Essential Oil: "The Time Traveller"

Vetyveria Zizanoides: Time travel, wisdom and insight, facing up to the past, reconnecting and re-unifying the past to the present and the future, using the past to heal the future, using the future to heal the present, using the present to heal the past.


  • Vetyver acts on the aspects of us that have dealings with the storage and sorting of experiences through time; not just the time of here and now and the memories of this life, but time in general. It is is therefore useful for working with all aspects that involve time travel - memories, past lives, and precognition too. Helps with making sense of and ordering events in life.

A woman who had a very difficult life is in turmoil.

She doesn't understand why things happened to her in the past, can't make sense of the present and there seems to be no future. In desperation, she visits a wise woman who lives by herself in the woods.

The wise woman gives her a potion that calms her and makes her very sleepy. The confused woman falls asleep on a bed of soft autumn leaves. S

he dreams that she is walking along a corridor with many open doors on either side, and each leads into a room that shows her a scene from her past. Each one is fascinating, but the woman knows she must not stop and become enmeshed with any single scene; she must walk on. So she walks the path of her life, noting everything along the way, and then she comes to the doorway that shows her sleeping in the wise woman's house in the woods. Beyond that, there are many more doors but they are still closed; and far away, at the very end of the corridor, there is a bright light that is beautiful, and beckoning.

The woman smiles and steps into the room of now, and awakens, much relieved and much refreshed.

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Self Identity Problems

Self Identity Problems



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